Osborn designs and delivers custom on-site training that makes legal concepts easy to understand.

Increase the effectiveness of training by following these tips:

First, be clear about your goals for the training and communicate those to the trainer. Explain the level of experience that the audience has with the subject matter and give examples of problems you hope to solve with the instruction.

Second, make the training mandatory. Not only does it communicate management support for the program, but failure to make it mandatory means that some managers most in need of training will fail to show up. It doesn’t hurt to remind them that many laws make individual managers and supervisors liable for participating in decisions.

Third, be sure someone from human resources is present throughout the training. Participants, who are newly energized and curious as a result of learning what the law requires, will have lots of questions about company policies.

Fourth, recognize that a trainer from outside the organization typically brings a great deal of credibility, particularly for executives. If the trainer is knowledgeable in the subject area and has the presence and bearing to communicate effectively, the credibility of the human resources department will also be enhanced. After all, the outside trainer is probably reinforcing exactly what the human resources staff has been saying all along.

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