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Choosing and saying the right words in a face-to-face discussion with someone is the key to success. But what do you say when that person is an employee who is angry about being harassed, in denial that others don’t want to work with him, or sensitive to any sort of criticism? With the right words, the problem can be resolved and the relationship enhanced. When a crucial confrontation is avoided or handled badly, however, there can be serious personal, social and organizational consequences. Learn how to hold difficult conversations, and how to use the right words to transform challenging situations into win-wins.

Employment Laws From A to Z

Every supervisor needs a working knowledge of the federal and state laws that relate to hiring, managing, evaluating, terminating, and paying employees. Why? As the first line of defense against disgruntled employees, supervisors are best able to spot and correct problems before they become complaints or lawsuits.  This overview covers everything from immigration to medical leave, and from age discrimination to religious accommodation, focusing on practical tips and real-life examples.

FMLA: Does it Stand for “Find Me a Lawyer ASAP”?

Few issues are as challenging for employers as dealing with sick, injured or disabled employees. When is leave an employee’s right and when is it an abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act? In this presentation you’ll learn to:

  • Identify when leave must be granted under the FMLA
  • Understand the intricacies of intermittent leave
  • Recognize the rights, responsibilities and options of both employers and employees.

Performance Management

Performance management and termination decisions are the most challenging tasks a supervisor faces. This session focuses on appropriate employer responses to difficult employees, emphasizing consistency and documentation. Learn how juries view lack of documentation, how to handle attitude problems, and how to avoid increases in unemployment premiums. This workshop is full of tips, tools, forms, stories and activities—all designed to help supervisors be more at ease and more effective in making and implementing difficult decisions.

Respect in the Workplace

The rules for workplace behavior have changed, and employees need training in order to avoid both unlawful harassment as well as inappropriate (even if technically lawful) behavior. All too often, some people imagine that others appreciate their off-color humor, are flattered by too-personal comments, and are unfazed by stereotypes. They equate silence with acceptance when, if fact, others may find their behavior crude or rude or offensive. Unaware, they go too far and find themselves the subject of an official complaint. This training focuses on defining unlawful and inappropriate behavior, describing their impact on the workplace, and providing tips on how to prevent and address offensive conduct. The training can also focus on stereotyping and bullying.

Wage and Hour Boot Camp

The basic rule is easy: pay non-exempt employees overtime for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. However, implementing that rule is surprisingly complex, since the regulations are not based on common sense. Who’s exempt and who’s not? Which time is compensable, and which is not?   What about training time, travel time and break time? Are there limitations on making deductions from pay? Reduce the risk of increasingly-popular class action lawsuits by learning how to lawfully categorize and compensate employees.

What You Need to Know About Hiring

This training for supervisors who have hiring responsibilities covers pregnancy, age, exempt/non-exempt classifications, military rights, background checks (including criminal history and the use of social media), and everything in between. Share your favorite interview questions and find out 25 questions you should never ask an applicant.